vendredi 26 novembre 2010

Concours de photos - Photographies contest

Mon frère participe à un concours de photos, votez pour lui si vous le voulez bien, photo 46.
Cliquer sur la photo pour voter.
My brother takes place in photography contest, please vote for him if you want. pic 46.

Clic on the pic to participate.


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  1. Pat, I wanted to let you know that the Bead Mavens Bead Soup Mixer has chosen partners, and yours is looking for you on our Facebook page - her name is Kathy. I'm going to give her your blog link and see if she can hook up with you this way. If not, can you please come over to our event page on Facebook and sign up there for the swap so that you and she can communicate? Thank you!
    The Bead Mavens