mardi 30 mars 2010

Cocktails rings I

Mes dernières bagues de cocktail

My latest cocktail rings

P1120888 P1120890 P1120891 P1120892 P1120897 P1120899 P1120900 P1120901 P1120903 P1120904 P1120905 P1120906 P1120908 P1120910 P1120913 P1120915 P1120916 P1120917 P1120918 P1120920P1120939 P1120921 P1120926 P1120935 P1120944 P1120938 P1120928 P1120937

1 commentaire:

  1. They are very nice all the rings. I am pleased that like my blog. Cloissoné piece is from this Etsy shop: